My thought

Im ANURADHA JOSHI..I joined this club 2 yrs back..i m very happy to hv taken d right decision…i m so proud dat i hv picked up a right hobby..Bonsai is a very beautiful taught me many things..parag sir has been very helpful right from taking us to nursery for selecting the plants to making bonsais.though i m still each and every step of my bonsai journey he has been der..i m truely indebted to him for his guidance..

Bonsai from JADE planr

When I joined Shri Parag Mehta’s Bonsai class in July 2016, I had no conception at all how important is the patience and vision in developing this wonderful art of BONSAI. With his
inspirational and constant teaching Technic, I have learnt a LOT and have tried some experiments on JADE plant, which I share with you all. For me its a very absorbing hobby!!

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